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row of firefighter coats and helmets hanging on brick wall

How do firefighter perceptions of their role and of the community they serve evolve during their first year on the job?

We piloted sending pulse surveys to new classes of firefighter recruits over their first year on the job to track changes in their perceptions about their job and about the residents they are called to serve.

Stylistic image of the U.S. capitol building

What are policymakers’ and academics’ priorities for collaborative research on the Federal workforce?

We hosted four roundtable discussions with academics and practitioners to identify opportunities for collaborative research on the US Federal workforce under the President’s Management Agenda Learning Agenda.

Policy Areas: Employee Experience
People working at desks in an office environment

How does team racial composition shape the careers of people of color?

We used good-as-random assignment to examine how the racial composition of one’s team affects retention and promotion for employees of color at a large company.

How can public health organizations recruit diverse talent?

We are running a “megastudy” to test over a dozen interventions aimed at recruiting nurses and nursing assistants to Denmark.

How can we measure changes in Federal employees’ experiences and perceptions over time?

Three pulse surveys sent to millions of Federal workers in 2021 and 2022 captured employees’ beliefs about re-entry to in-person work, engagement and burnout, and inclusion and equity.

First responder taking calls at their desk

How do we reduce burnout for 911 dispatchers?

A low-cost program aimed at increasing dispatchers’ perceptions of social support and belonging at work reduced burnout and turnover.

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