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Does reducing stigma increase the take-up of rental assistance?

Subtle language changes in city communications can decrease stigma surrounding the receipt of rental assistance and increase interest in and application requests for city assistance programs.

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Does behaviorally-informed outreach increase rental property owners’ interest in housing voucher programs?

We are co-designing and experimentally testing new outreach strategies for increasing rental property owners’ engagement with housing voucher programs.

Policy Areas: Housing, Social Safety Net

How can we better connect low-income families to their stimulus payments?

In a series of randomized evaluations, we tested methods of increasing claiming of antipoverty tax credits among likely non-filers in California.

Policy Areas: Social Safety Net

How can we increase take-up of CalFresh among eligible college students?

In a randomized experiment, we tested how message content and mode of communication affect take-up of CalFresh among likely eligible college students.

Mailboxes with paper sticking out

Does the presentation of information affect residents’ response to government communications?

Residents are more likely to act on government communications that use a formal tone and appearance, in part because formality acts as a signal for credibility and importance.

Policy Areas: Social Safety Net

How can we reduce the barriers landlords face to participating in the Housing Choice Voucher program?

Findings from surveys and a field experiment suggest the need for additional research on reducing barriers to landlord participation in the Housing Choice Voucher program.

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